I have raised 5 children, built my business, and served you as Representative and as Mayor.  As a member of the House Resources Committee I stood for  increased exploration.  we must increase our revenues and jobs, not shut them down. I have a proven understanding of the challenges facing the people of the Mat-Su Valley. Below are the issues at the forefront of my mind.

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Spending Cuts

We must reverse the unsustainable budget growth of the past decade, as a minority member I took every opportunity to stand for a smaller budget in an attempt to bring general spending back to a level that could be reasonably maintained.  As Mayor of Palmer I oversaw significant growth in our local economy, while holding a hard line on taxes and expansion of taxes. I enacted responsible budgetary policies that reined in spending and simultaneously gave our local businesses the room they needed to grow. This type of commitment to viable financial practices is what is needed right now in our State Legislature.



Alaska has a tradition of supporting the right of a parent to choose how and where their children are educated. I have seen firsthand the benefit of school-choice with my own children.

I also firmly support the University of Alaska as one of Alaska’s strongest resources in educating our next generation of workers and as an important network for growth in research and technology. During this time of shrinking revenues, it is so important that we invest in our education system, instead of limiting it.


Pro-Growth Policy

The experience gained from running my own small business, has given me insight into the needs of business owners. I will stand opposed to taxation systems that deny business-owners and employers the freedom they need to spur economic growth in our state. I oppose any punitive taxes, or regulatory overreach aimed at Alaska’s businesses.

I will not consider any new taxes until we have restored spending to viable levels. We cannot address our budgetary crisis through new taxes that will only hinder growth in our Alaskan industries.


Support oil exploration

The expansion of Alaska’s oil production and exploration ventures is a top priority. I want to continue to create an investment climate that provides certainty and stability for continued success in statewide oil and gas activities. Our budget issues can be solved by filling the Trans Alaska Pipeline to capacity.  I support the in-state oil refining industry and the progression of the Alaska LNG pipeline to provide gas for Alaskans.


Pro-Life and Pro-Family

As a mother, representative and a mayor, my strong christian foundation has always played a part in how I have done things. I have instilled my children with faith-driven values, and I have led with a commitment to the tenants of my beliefs. It is because of my faith that I can proudly say, I believe in the sanctity of life and I believe in Alaskan families. I will defend a baby’s right to life, and I will let nothing encroach on the bedrock of the Alaskan lifestyle: our families.


Financial Fitness and a 120 day session

As a House Republican I worked closely with like-minded legislators to ensure adequate funding for our constitutionally mandated budget items. After a hard fight the budget was set at 4.6 billion, much higher than the initial proposal of 4.1 billion. This extra half-billion comes primarily from our Permanent Fund. The inflated budget represents a 15 percent increase from 2017, an increase which is unsustainable in an era of declining revenues. As the House Minority our proposals for budget cuts were consistently voted down as the House Majority continued to push for excessive spending. This cannot continue.  I sponsored a House Resolution to require all committees to focus on passing the budget before taking up other issues. I was also proud to sponsor a bill to hold legislators accountable, that is if the constitutional obligation to pass a budget is not met in 120 days, per diems and salaries would be reduced.


Permanent fund dividend

Alaska's investment account and dividend payout sets us apart from other states. We should continue to pay the Dividend as a defined in Alaska State Statutes.  Alaskans feel true ownership in our fund and knowing that the Dividend reflects the yearly health our investments is essential to maintaining the public connection to our investment account. I oppose capping the Dividend to pay for general government services unless changed by a vote of the people.


Reducing Regulation

In Palmer, I have left a legacy of private economic development. The growth of small businesses and expanding professional services in our downtown area alone is a clear example of success. We achieved this success by holding the line on taxes, policies that dampened private sector growth and working towards a streamlined, efficient, and pro-business regulatory system.  Alaskan businesses must be allowed to fulfill their potential in fueling our economy.



Second Amendment Rights

I firmly believe in Alaskans’ rights to own firearms. I think our constitution has served us pretty well over the years, and there is no need to meddle with it now, especially with regard to our guns. Here in Alaska, guns are a part of the culture and way of life for so many of our citizens. I am determined to protect that way of life, and to ensure that the right to own a gun is never taken away.